Our Mission

By utilizing the expertise within our organization and those of our partners around the world, our mission is to anticipate and exceed the needs of our customers and provide superior service of customs brokerage and freight forwarding.

Our Mission

To be the company of choice for boutique-style service of customs brokerage and freight forwarding, known for its customer service, integrity and ethics by our customers, staff and prospects.

  • Our market segment is one that requires personalized service and attention to detail as well as an intimate knowledge of our customers’ business and that’s what we do best.

To be known for our integrity, moral principles and ethics.

  • Leading by the example of honesty and taking the “high road” rather than compromising our integrity is what sets us apart. Our goal is to continue in this direction, allowing it to be visible to our staff, our customers and those who would desire to do business with us in the future.

To provide a work environment for our staff that is desirable and conducive for growth, both in personal and corporate goals.

Many companies today are only concerned with the bottom line.  Though corporate success is, and should be, the goal of every company, the definition of success is usually what is in question.

We define it this way :

  • When our staff are equipped, appreciated and feel valued
  • When our customers notice that our people are what set us apart from our competitors and the service we provide is outstanding because of them
  • When we’re providing an environment where people learn, grow and laugh, while providing our clients with the ultimate customer service experience
  • When our corporate growth is directly linked to the growth of our people

Then, and only then, have we achieved success!

To never stop improving what we do or how we do it.

  • Continuous improvement is a necessity of a continuously changing environment. The complexities within our fields require that we never stop learning – the key is that even though things are constantly changing, we don’t lose sight of the need for continuous improvement.