Why Choose Action / A.G.O. It all boils down to trust, relationship and peace of mind…

At Action Customs Services and A.G.O. Transportation, “service” is not just a word; it is the lifeblood of our organization.  From the inception of our relationship, we continually strive to provide our clients with the “ultimate customer service experience”.  You will have direct access to the individuals you will be dealing with on a regular basis, for both customs and freight, without having to go through a series of voice prompts on the phone.  We do not operate as an outsourced solution or an external client or service provider- we work closely with our clients and operate as an extension of their companies.  This takes the kind of time, effort and flexibility that most companies are not willing to put into a relationship.  We feel that the result of putting in this time, effort and being flexible to our customers’ needs has been a key factor in separating us from our competition.  Our ultimate goal is take ALL of YOUR worries away!

…we continually strive to provide our clients with the “ultimate customer service experience

We don’t quote on every bit of business we come across.  Instead, we make sure that the companies we meet with fit well within our capabilities and corporate direction, in order to continue to provide worry free solutions to our entire customer base.  It is with that in mind that we have established the trust that exists with our clients and why so many have referred us to their friends and business associates.


Your business is our priority!  It is our goal that we conduct business in a mutually beneficial way right from the start and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that happens – with every relationship we have. 
Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our staff at any time and we would be happy to assist you.